Pixie, Dixie, and Sable

Hello, my name is Michelle Mulhaul. I recently moved to a new apartment, and one of the terms were that my pets were up to date on their shots. I am a single grandmother, raising a sixteen-year-old, and on disability. This means that I have a very limited income. I began searching for assistance and was just about to give up, when I came upon the,”canine care@tampabay.rr.com”. I filled out an application, and a female named Alicia soon called me. I explained my situation, and a simply wonderful thing happened. After qualifying, I received a 75% discount on my pet’s vaccinations. I also received 6 months of heartguard,2 months of top of the line flea medication,a thorough health exam including fecal and heartworm, and meeting a veterinary staff that was second to none. I just want to say how grateful I am, and my little chihuahuas, for the help and support I got with this non profit organization. if you are in desperate need of assistance to properly care for your little pets that you love so much, please contact this organization, they will help. I really wanted to praise them publicly, and tell them how blessed I was, that I found them. canine care, you are awesome!! If anyone wants to donate for this cause,I guarantee they use it for people like me. I am truly thankful for canine care. are very grateful too!