I’d like you to meet Promise. Promise’s mom Karlana has been out of work and needed help to get her beautiful hound mix the veterinary care she needed. She was referred to Canine Care and after her application was approved, she was in to see Dr. Shirley and the team at the Vet Clinic of Palm Harbor within a couple of days. Thank you Karlana and Promise for letting us share your feedback on your experience below!

We had a phenomenal experience with the team at The Vet Clinic…even after being late because we couldn’t find the place. I was all flustered by the time we got there and Samantha was so nice and accommodating. Promise just LOVED being there too. It was amazing the difference in how she reacted to the environment at TVC versus our original vet’s office. That speaks volumes! She wanted to meet everyone (she is a verrry curious girl!) and be everyone’s friend. We both (Promise and I) loved Dr. Shirley! She was so nice and friendly. Diana assisted her and she was so kind and wonderful too. I could go on and on. J

My heart overflows with immense gratitude to you and to TVC! Promise now has Heartgard for 6 more months, ointment to treat her hotspots, antibiotics (FREE from Publix! I had no idea they would fill scripts for dogs! Eeee!), and OTC Benadryl to help her itching. She is in good health, Dr. Shirley said, she just has a staph infection (the cause of the dry skin). Yay! She is all set until next year.

I would be honored if you shared our story on your website! We are so grateful and would like to be part of this ongoing angelic generosity, by acknowledging what you did for us. Bless you to the ends of the Universe and back a million times over!

In gratitude,
Karlana and Promise