Iā€™d like you to meet Taz. She is a beautiful little Pomeranian who was adopted three years ago by a woman after her previous owner was no longer able to properly care for her. Her microchip was still registered to her original owner from her baby days (she is now 8) and I received a call from the original owner who is a friend of mine to let me know that she had been contacted by Pinellas County Animal Services and that Tazzie had been dropped off as a stray. I immediately went to Animal Services to check on her to make sure she was okay and while doing so left multiple messages for her adoptive mom who I thought would be frantic with worry. Apparently that was not the case. After seeing the intake paperwork at Animal Services, I was shocked to learn that her adoptive mom is the one who dropped her off saying she picked her up off the street as a stray, which obviously was not true. Animal Services released Tazzie into my care as an agent of her original owner after they realized the deception. I immediately took her to the Vet Clinic of Palm Harbor for treatment. She was covered in fleas and was a mess. She probably had not had her vaccinations since she was adopted three years ago. We got her all cleaned up, flea free, and back in good health and thankfully, we found her a new forever home with a wonderful woman within hours of picking her up from Animal Services. The picture is of Tazzie as she was being released into my care at Animal Services. As a side note, I was very impressed with Pinellas County Animal Services ā€“ the staff was extremely caring and professional, the pets there were well cared for, and it was a very clean and friendly environment. If you are looking to rescue a pet, please consider Animal Services along with the SPCA, Humane Society, and other rescue groups. They have so many beautiful animals there needing forever homes.

There are two things I want people to understand from this story ā€“ first, get your pets microchipped if they are not already. Second, if you cannot properly care for your pets, know that there is help out there and ask for it. Please do not be like this woman who did not provide proper care and discarded Tazzie as if she meant nothing.

Thank you,
Canine Care Tampa Bay