Friends of Canine Care Tampa Bay

The following stories are of clients of Canine Care Tampa Bay who are responsible pet owners and reached out to us for assistance in their time of need. I want to thank our friends highlighted below for believing in us and allowing us to share their stories with you. Although the name of our organization implies that we may help only dogs, we will not turn down a cat in need if their owner qualifies for our assistance per the guidelines in the “Apply” tab and we have the funding to assist. Thank you all for your support!

Meet Chico
Meet Dash
Meet Larry
Meet Lola
Meet Ozzie
Meet Pepsi and Kenna
Meet Pixie, Dixie and Sable
Meet Promise
Meet Radar and Carina
Meet Sammie
Meet Simon
Meet Taz
Meet Trinity, our first cat!
Meet Toby
Meet Zena